Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reflecting on the Semester

After reviewing my blog posts, I see that I have learned so much about the Hunger Games just based on many different disciplines. I have learned how to analyze the novels and movies in many ways and how to really look in depth at the book. I think this semester I learned a lot about other disciplines I may not have thought could have been applied to the Hunger Games series. I especially liked our lecture on Gender Roles by Dr. Sara Raley.

I really enjoyed all the material we covered in the class and I thought it really made me think critically about the series. The class discussions and lectures made me think about all the different ways the book scan be interpreted and also how these problems apply to the real world. Sometimes, we got into some pretty heated discussions about issues in our world today. Sometimes it would relate to what was happening in the novel but other times we just went off on tangents.

I think this course was pretty challenging as I had to learn about several other disciplines I was not familiar with. Then having to apply them to a novel made it pretty difficult too. It was interesting but it definitely was a challenge for some of the assignments. I think I learned a lot from the readings and they allowed me to get examples from the Hunger Games books and comparing to the real life problems we face in our world today. The readings offered some very detailed descriptions of a concept or idea and really went deep into it which helped me really learn everything I had to about the topic.

Overall, I really enjoyed the class and I thought it was interesting. I originally took this class because I loved the books and thought this would be an easy and fun class to learn about the books. Little did I know how in depth we would go into the books and learning all about them. Lets just say I will never forget any part of this book ever again because we talked about it so much and constantly were refering back to the books and movies.