Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking at Other Blogs

Nicki's blog was appealing as it is a different color than most of the blogs. I thought having the purple color was really cool and the design with the birds was unique as well. She also uses so really good fan art that is unique and has found some other great pictures. In her posts, she also includes some very good information I had not thought of before reading the post.

Becky's blog had great titles to her posts which really captured my attention. From her blog you can also tell that she loves the character Johanna because she talks about her and even includes some really great pictures and gifs of her from the movies. She also includes some bolded words to draw attention to the important ideas in her post.

Lissy's blog had a great header photo and it looks amazing. In one post she posted pictures of how she imagined some characters not included in the movie would look like. I thought that was really interesting as I hadn't thought about that. There are a lot of pictures on her blog which really add a lot to the blog. The pictures are interesting and unique so they are really cool.


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